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"It's not just an egg waffle, it's my passion." - Toast Delight

Toast Delight 現代驛站 was established on October 2014.

驛 (Cantonese: yik): A place where people gather to rest, socialize, and enjoy the accompaniment of one another.

Toast Delight aims to provide a place for our guests to spend time with family and friends while enjoying a filling snack before heading off to the next event. 

雞蛋仔 (cantonese: gai daan jai): Literal translation: little eggs. A popular, traditional Hong Kong style street snack. AKA Egg Waffles, Eggettes, Bubbles

After years of experimentation, Toast Delight serves an authentic Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles. While the egg waffle, made to order, has a crunchy exterior, the interior is soft and moist. We have also took it upon ourselves to modernize this delightful snack by incorporating many flavors. We now offer more than 30 flavors. Our egg waffles can also be topped and enjoyed with ice-cream.

Since then, we also have invented the world’s first Pizza Egg Waffle, Thai Rolled Ice-cream, specialty beverages, including Hong Kong style Milk Tea, Vietnamese coffee, and bubble tea.

We aim to continuously introduce and serve Asian inspired snack foods and beverages geared toward everyone's inner foodie.

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